Nitecore Li-Ion Aa 3.6V/Nl2150Hpi (5000Mah)



The Nitecore NL2150HPi is a rechargeable 21700 li-ion battery with a capacity of 5000mAh and a 15A continuous discharge current, making it ideal for high drain devices.The battery features a dual way output with positive and negative polarities at both ends which enables a highly efficient output by minimising the loss of power due to internal resistance.The Nitecore NL2150HPi is compatible with the i4000R flashlight and can be charged in the following Nitecore chargers: UMS2, UMS4, UI1 and UI2.Capacity: 5000mAhVoltage: 3.6VContinuous Discharge Current: 15A maxWeight: 75.5 g / 2.66 oz. (approx).Length: 76.7±0.3 mm / 3.02″±0.01″Diameter: 21.9+0.3 mm / 0.86″±0.01″Never expose the battery to water or fireWhen charging or using batteries, ensure the positive and negative ends correspond with the positive (+) and negative (-) symbolsTo extend battery life it is recommended that it is charged every three months when unused for long periodsKeep out of reach of children

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